80 years of progressive expertise
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From initial consultation to structural packaging design, prototyping, graphic design & production, FACER can be involved at any stage. Every member of our team has a deep understanding of connecting client brands to consumers, building engagement & achieving product success through the following printed packaging solutions...

  • Cartonboard & Paper Solutions

    The core of FACER & the broadest range of packaging solutions covering almost anything printed & die-cut. Including all types of pre-glued folding cartons & flat-form self assembly boxes through to wallets, sleeves, header-cards, swing tickets, clamshell-inserts, SRP’s & CDU’s.

    Ecological & cost effective, viable for a host of decorative finishing options, ideal for fast moving consumer goods packaging solutions.

  • Blister Card Solutions

    One of the UK’s leading blister card manufacturers, producing millions of units each year & investing decades in R&D. FACER provides clients with extensive insight & consultancy in relation to the conditions required to achieve consistent, secure adhesion.

    FACER in partnership with Macpac, have recently pioneered the creation of a fully biodegradable & recyclable alternative to a standard direct-seal blister card, learn more about this here.

  • Microflute Solutions

    A thin corrugated form of board which is directly litho printable, ideal for added strength & damage resistance.

    Microflute can achieve most of the same packaging solutions as cartonboard, perfect for E-commerce postal mailers, robust folding cartons & boxes, SRP’s & CDU’s.

  • Luxury Rigid Packaging Solutions

    Solidifying perceived product value, rigid packaging is often aligned with luxury products & markets. Constructs that are typically base & lid box solutions that can be combined with decorative finishing techniques such as foiling & specialist materials.

    Offering a dynamic ‘unboxing’ experiences that can be partnered with other structural elements, these robust solutions can be kept & re-used offering a lasting brand communicator.

  • Specialist Materials & Presentation Solutions

    FACER appreciates that many brands & manufacturers seek to differentiate as a means to increase perceived value & compete in the marketplace. In addition, some products simply require specialist materials, packaging & presentation solutions.

    Sourcing materials from world leading paper & board manufacturers, clients can choose from coated, uncoated, luxury, coloured, textured, embossed, recycled, adhesive & a host of other highly unique substrates.

Wider Print Solutions & Print Management

Over eight decades in business has seen a huge variety of print pass through FACER production. Offering wider print solutions to secure brand consistency across various media, including brochures, clinically folded instructions, inserts, leaflets, booklets & a host of other items.

FACER also has a wider network of partners in our sector enabling us to offer broad print management. Knowing which global approved supplier has the right machine for the task, ensuring client print media is produced most cost effectively at the right standard.